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Exclusive properties chosen based on your criteria

Top House Realty has an exclusive database of properties in Spain, which you can find in our catalog. We value transparency in our work and publish all information about the processes of selling and purchasing real estate on our website.

If you have no time for searching listings and choosing properties, or becoming familiar with the nuances of the selling or buying process, we will take over for you. We will familiarize you with the regions, tell you about the nuances, select a property that best suits your needs and help you purchase it.

Fore more than 12 years we have been working in various Spanish cities, including:

  • Barcelona
  • Gava Mar
  • Sitges
  • Casteldelfels
  • Sant Andreu de Lavaneres
  • Salou
  • Cambrils

We take into consideration the parameters that are important when searching for a property:

  • Distance to the sea
  • Transportation infrastructure
  • The condition of the property
  • Essential spending on maintenance fees, renovations and furnishings

The Purchase Process

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Property Selection

Understanding your needs, wishes and abilities is the first step to successfully choosing a property in Spain. The following aspects will play an important role in the choosing a property:

  • Object: do you prefer a completed object, ready to move in; a property requiring renovation; or to purchase of a plot of land for the construction of an individual project.
  • Property type: is an apartment, a townhouse or a detached villa more suitable for you?
  • Purchase purpose: vacational or permanent residence; whether you are planning to purchase for investment with subsequent renting out or sale.

Document Preparation

We advise you regarding the documents for a sale and purchase transaction:

  • Helping you get the N.I.E. — identification number of a foreigner to enable the transaction.
  • Documents: we prepare a set of property documents and a preliminary sales contract with the seller.

Deposit on the property

  • Deposit: the object you like is booked by making a deposit. All the documentation is collected for the Deposit Contract (Contrato de Arras).
  • Conditions: upon signing the Deposit Contract, the buyer pays 10% of the property sale amount. If the transaction is canceled due to the seller's fault, they undertake to return to the buyer 200% of the amount paid to them.
  • Guarantees: our employees carry out all the necessary checks of the property ensuring absence of debts and encumbrances, and securing of the necessary licenses and permits.

Deal Management

We organize and support the purchase and sale transaction:

  • Reservation: we remove the property from sale listings by paying a deposit. We provide legal registration for making a deposit
  • Purchase: we draw up a contract for the sale of the property. We register the transaction with a notary in the presence of a legal translator.
  • Closing the transaction: after signing the contract, we provide you with a copy of the deed. We send the original bill of sale for registration.

Post-Sale Service

We help you resolve many questions after the transfer of ownership of the property from the seller to the buyer, but a number of legal, tax and communal formalities remain:

  • Real estate registration: we register real estate in the register of owners, tax and fiscal authorities.
  • Cadastral entry: we make an entry about the new owner in the Spanish real estate cadastre and in the partnership of neighbors.
  • Utility issues: helping you understand you utility bills
  • Taxes and fees: we advise on the payment of taxes and fees associated with the real estate purchase.


We guarantee transaction confidentiality. We ensure the safety of your personal information.


The dynamic real estate market in Spain does not always allow us to provide a suitable option from the catalog. The most interesting offers in Catalonia come and go pretty quickly. Therefore, one of our main directions is the individual selection of real estate. We carefully examine your wishes and jointly outline the main criteria of the desired object.

Individual Selection of Real Estate

Our experts will select property options for you, among which you will find exactly what you have imagined

Properties for Sale & Rent

Special offer Spectacular rustic house in the Penedés

Spectacular rustic house in the Penedés

3200 Bedrooms36 Baths40 950 000€
New Spectacular house with views in Pedralbes

Spectacular house with views in Pedralbes

700 Bedrooms7 Baths6 27 500€
Sold Spectacular modern house with incredible views in Begur

Spectacular modern house with incredible views in Begur

600 Bedrooms6 Baths7 1 490 000€
Bright penthouse in Pedralbes

Bright penthouse in Pedralbes

250 Bedrooms4 Baths4 1 550 000€
Special offer Author's architecture with a sea view. A great new modern house.

Author's architecture with a sea view. A great new modern house.

550 Bedrooms5 Baths6 1 950 000€
Spacious commercial space in an unsurpassed area of Barcelona

Spacious commercial space in an unsurpassed area of Barcelona

368 Bedrooms Baths2 595 000€