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We understand how hard it is to part with your own home, with all the moments and memories you experienced there. But sometimes it's time for a change of scenery. Perhaps your financial situation has improved and you have decided you need a larger living space. You may have decided to change your place of residence for other reasons when your personal circumstances have changed.

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An Individual Approach

Each Real Estate Purchase Offer in Spain we study individually. We advise the property owner and give recommendations based on the current market situation

An Individual Approach

An International Network of Buyers

Thanks to our international team of employees and our long-term presence in the real estate industry, we periodically update an interested buyers directory from different countries. This also allows us to maintain sales even during the most difficult crises, as the timing of economic recessions varies from country to country.

An International Network of Buyers

Market Knowledge

We have many years of experience in various real estate industries — from construction to the sale of fully finished properties. This experience has helped us gain a deep knowledge of the Spanish property market. Thanks to this experience, we can advise you on any matter related to real estate.

Market Knowledge

Real Buyers Only

We value the time of our customers, and sellers, as well as the work of our employees. Therefore, we only select truly interested buyers for visits to the property. Also, in our company there is no practice of showing properties that are obviously inappropriate for the client. We also do not show overpriced properties "for comparison".

Real Buyers Only

Real Estate Commercialization in Spain

An Exclusive Contract

An Exclusive Sales or Rental Property Contract is a contract in which the owner entrusts the commercialization of their property to one realtor or agency during the contract period specified.

The advantages of such a contract are:

1. Getting the most out of the sale

Various real estate agencies use the same platforms to commercialize their properties. Before settling on a particular property, buyers usually study the market well. If you trust different companies with your property, a potential buyer can see it in other real estate catalogs. In this case, the buyer will lose interest in your property.

Some agencies deliberately list the property price lower in order to have a better hand in negotiating. This allows them to gain an edge over their competitors, whilehen your property may fall in value even below the market minimum.

2. Full control over property commercialization

With an Exclusive Sales or Rental Property Contract, the agent can use all possible sales channels. In this case, there is no need to fear dishonest actions by competitors. Very often, negotiating with buyers results in an increased the price when the Exclusive Contract is in place.

Also, third parties are not excluded. But rather in case of a sale, the commission will be divided equally between the partners who participate in the transaction.

3. The hidden gem

Usually, property buyers are looking for something special, exclusive in any price range, it may be challenging to explain to a potential client why they should purchase a particular property. The more companies show your property, the less likely you are to get a great deal for it. This is the paradox in real estate sales.

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A Standard Contract

In Catalonia, services for property sales and rentals are specifically regulated by law via a Standard Sales or Rental Property Contract.

1. The legal regulations regarding property sellers in Catalonia

Everyone who works in real estate must be registered with the College of Real Estate Sellers of Catalonia (API).

There are separate courses for obtaining an API number during which the future agent acquires special knowledge including legal support for a transaction and administrative regulations. The agent also acquires skills in the commercialization of different types of properties.

Real estate agent training is a prerequisite for their legal activity in Spain. This condition is aimed at protecting owners from the fraud. Each agent has legal and administrative responsibility to their client.

2. An agreement for the provision of real estate services by an agent

In Catalonia an agreement with a real estate agent is mandatory for providing real estate services. The agreement determines the duration and the intermediary's commission. Also, the agreement contains a description for the property and other important details.

Signing the agreement is mandatory, and protects both the owner and the agent. The agreement for the provision of real estate services by an agent officially secures (in writing) the collaboration agreement between of the parties.

Free Property Appraisal

Free Property Appraisal

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