Architectural bureau — THR Arquitectura

The architectural bureau THR Arquitectura, headed by Russian-speaking architect Robert Podyapolsky, provides design services for residential and public facilities in Spain

Individual solutions for each client

We suggest solutions with particular aesthetic and emotional characteristics based on the unique needs of each customer and the particularities of the land. In other words, we find homes that provide comfort for you and your loved ones.


We will help you at every stage of construction

Thanks to our close collaboration with the Top House Realty Construction Department, we have accumulated extensive experience in preparing construction documentation and implementing various technological systems. We pay special attention to environmental friendliness and energy saving features of the technologies used. We provide all the appropriate documents to make the construction process as easy and understandable as possible.


We provide complex architectural solutions

Top House Realty provides a full range of services for the real estate design and design and supports the accompanying design work in the process of implementation.

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Why an individual project

4 reasons for creating an individual building project

Urban planning regulations

Development in Spain is strictly regulated by urban planning regulations. They are different in each autonomous region and each municipality.

  • Urban development codes: define the maximum building area, the maximum permitted building area, the density, height, and minimum distance in relation to the borders, etc.
  • Variability: these rates can be different up to two adjacent areas.
  • Building design: therefore, for the most efficient use of the plot, as well as to comply with all standards, an individual architectural project is developed.

The unique needs of the customer

Different people have different needs for space, how it is used and how it is perceived. In an architectural project, such individuality manifests itself not only in the functional schematics of the building, but also in the configuration (shape, proportions, dimensions) of the spaces itself, as well as the ways they are interconnected.

  • Emotions: everyone is looking for different emotions in each separate space: someone needs drive and richness, someone needs calmness and purity of forms, as well as different emotions throughout the day.
  • An individual project will give you the opportunity to fully find and express yourself. Find the space where you will truly feel comfortable.

Features of the context

An architectural project is always located in a specific location, which has its own specific physical, historical and cultural characteristics. Attention to these details requires additional effort on the part of the designer.

  • The sociocultural approach will be able to complement the project and give the building an individual character, emphasizing the unique features of the landscape.
  • Integration with context will also improve the energy efficiency of the building and create a greener and more comfortable home.

A good project is a healthy home!

In 1982, the World Health Organization approved the concept of The Sick Building Syndrome. This concept designates those buildings that negatively affect the health of their users. According to WHO estimates, 30% of all buildings suffer from this syndrome.

  • Symptoms of this effect can be expressed both in a mild form (fatigue, headache, nervousness), and can be the cause of serious chronic diseases.
  • Children and pregnant women in particular suffer from "sick" internal spaces.
  • Factors influencing the healthy atmosphere of the building are numerous and must be considered in the design: the orientation of the building, ventilation, materials used, engineering systems must be selected so as not only not to harm the inhabitants of the designed houses, but also to create a healthy and pleasant atmosphere.


Top House Realty is a licensed construction company with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. Since 2008, we have been implementing projects for the construction and renovation of residential and commercial real estate in Spain:

  • Reconstruction and restoration works
  • Redevelopment and/or expansion works
  • Luxury renovation
  • Building commissioning

Design of New Buildings

We implement projects of any complexity for the construction and renovation of residential and commercial real estate in Spain:

  • Survey of the plot conditions
  • Project development
  • Obtaining permits and building licenses
  • Architectural supervision of construction or reconstruction
  • Construction and installation works of residential and commercial real estate properties

The 5 stages of an architectural project

  1. We get familiarized with the proposed building. With its landscape and historical characteristics as well as with the customer wishes and needs.
  2. We develop a draft design: basic ideas and visualizations, plans with wall sweeps, facades, sections.
  3. We develop a basic project for obtaining a construction license and submit it for consideration to the mayor's office.
  4. We develop an executive project, while the documentation is under consideration at the mayor's office: detailed construction plans, structure calculations, communication plans. We prepare a construction estimate.
  5. We carry out technical oversight after we obtain the license. We monitor the adherence of the implementation to the architectural project, as well as the quality of the work performed.

At your request, we can develop all stages of an architectural project, or take over specific parts.

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We are constantly developing

In 2012 our team became the winner of the ARCILAB competition, and in 2014 we became finalists of the competition for the microdistrict project in Moscow's South-Eastern Administrative District

Podyapolsky Robert

Architect, graduate of the Polytechnic University Architecture Faculty of Barcelona. Head of the Construction Department Top House Realty


We participate in prestigious international competitions

Our team of highly qualified architects and designers made it to the finals in 2017 at the international competition for the design of residential buildings in Piazza Glories in Barcelona

Jose Camagno Vigna

Architect, graduate of the Polytechnic University Architecture Faculty of Barcelona


Architectural Solutions for your project

For building design and support in the implementation process, Top House Realty provides a full range of services

Top House Realty guarantees the high quality of service and a personalized approach at all stages of our collaboration. We will provide you with comprehensive information in the field of architectural design, reconstruction, construction, acquisition and maintenance of real estate in Spain

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