About the company

How Top House Realty was created

The idea for creating Top House Realty is the idea of ​our family business. Business born in the process of searching for a better home. Our life and our work was accompanied by becoming familiarized with how things work in other countries, including: Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Argentina and Spain, where we completed our journey.

Today we can safely say that:

We not only have extensive experience living in different countries, but also extensive knowledge of regional differences and the mentality of the locals, and, accordingly, the real estate markets in different countries.

The best place to live

As a result, the best place for our family to live as was Catalonia, an autonomous region of Spain. For more than 12 years we have been living in its cultural capital, the beautiful city of Barcelona. We are ready to share with you our rich local experience of living in Spain, our knowledge of the Catalan region, and the particularities of local real estate.

Top House Realty founders and ideologists

Vitalia & Yuri

Our activities and awards


Participation in the architecture and design ARCH Moscow International Exhibition. Organized by Expo-Park


Our highly qualified team of architects and designers made it to the finals of the International Competition for the Residential Buildings Design in Barcelona Glories Square


We were finalists for the Microdistrict Project in the Moscow South-Eastern Administrative District


Our team won the ARCILAB competition, receiving the national prize in Architecture & Urban Planning