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Real estate sales and lettings


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Top House Realty offers a full range of real estate sales and lettings services in Spain guaranteeing high quality assistance and personal approach at every stage of collaboration including property management and administration after finishing the deal.

Our extensive experience in working with foreign clients has helped us to develop a specialised service package helping to avoid any kind of difficulties when buying or renting real estate in Spain:

  • Document preparation for buying or renting real estate in Spain;
  • Provision of juridical and general language translators;
  • Organisation of visits to Spain;
  • Hotel and plane ticket reservation, airport transfer, car rental;
  • Help with entering schools, colleges and universities;
  • Help with obtaining a N.I.E. (an identification number of a foreigner);
  • Opening bank accounts in Spain;
  • Help with getting mortgage loans;
  • Aftersale real estate services;
  • Construction and repair works and interior decoration.

We will offer you real estate to meet all your requirements, the experts of Top House Realty will make the process of property sale or letting as easy and pleasant as possible and clarify all the peculiarities at every step of the deal.

Now it is the most propitious moment for investing in real estate in Spain since the opportunities in this sphere are exceptionally promising. Now you can purchase real estate at a reduced price at the same time getting the chance to resale it for a much higher value in a couple of years. In the near future, the real estate sector in Spain will stabilise and the properties will move up in price.

An extra incentive for future property owners planning to invest in real estate in Spain is the decision of the government to provide foreigners purchasing real estate at a price of not less than 500 thousand euros with residence permits. The given privilege combined with such advantages as a warm climate, unforgettable food and wine and hasteless Mediterranean lifestyle make Spain a very attractive country as a second residence. More and more foreigners buy real estate in Spain for renting it out and spending summer holidays with their families.

Catalonia and Barcelona in particular lead the list of the most popular and visited regions in the country. The tourism sector in Spain is developing very fast. 15% more tourists prefer apartments and villas to hotels year by year. Top House Realty will help you to choose the most interesting and profitable real estate items in Catalonia and gain profit by renting them out short- or long-term.

Our experts will consult you on any questions considering letting, purchasing or maintaining real estate as well as all the related issues considering juridical and economical aspects. For more information, please contact us via telephone + (34) 93 179 4843.