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Commercial real estate in Spain


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The Spanish real estate market is a safe area for an elligible investment. Spain has a congenial investment climate. Buyer's rights are clearly and reliably protected. There are many opportunities for creating and developing a personal business. The most promising areas are goods export and hotel and restaurant business. The need of financial account preparation does not demand employing lawyers since only one expert (gestor) can manage all tasks of this type. Sometimes, such employees do not even have to work full time.

The investment department of Top House Realty specialises in the commercial property sale and rent offers in Barcelona and other cities of the Catalonian coast.

As a result of our clients' growing demand for investment properties in Spain, we have elaborated and are constantly updating the database of our commercial offers by selecting the most profitable options.

Top House Realty will offer you commercial real estate of the following categories:

  • Hotels and office complex projects;
  • Restaurants;
  • Wineries;
  • Lands and buildings for reconstruction;
  • Shopping spaces;
  • Offices;
  • Short-term rental business (tourist apartments).

Real estate purchase for further rental is a very promising investment. Tourism in Catalonia is developing really fast, Barcelona is a top ten most visited cities in the world. The quantity of tourists choosing apartments over hotels and villas is growing by 15% every year. 

Rental of commercial properties in Catalonia

The demand for high season villa rental is especially high, which is why the rental market normally lacks such properties in summer. Coastal houses, especially villas close to the sea, bring good profit to their owners. Apartments located not more than 500 metres from the beach are also in high demand.

It is worth mentioning that, apart from house price crash in Catalonia, rental fees are growing consistently. More and more foreigners  buy real estate in Catalonia in order to rent it out and use it as a family vacation destination when coming to Spain.

The profitability of rented real estate in Catalonia amounts to at least 4.2% depending on the type of property and its location.

You can already choose the most interesting and lucrative real estate items in Catalonia and start getting profit out of them meanwhile different experts are writing reports and making predictions for the consequences of the crisis. This perspective looks particularly attractive after the newly adopted  Law  of entrepreneurs that enables foreign investors to get residence permits in Spain.

Our experts will consult you on any questions concerning commercial real estate purchase and mainatenance in Spain. For more information, please contact us via telephone +(34) 93 179 4843 or e-mail info@tophouserealty.com