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Barcelona events calendar 2017. Part III

We are happy to present the last part of the events calendar for 2017. Concerts, exhibitions, musical festivals, entertainment events and tournaments; everything you wouldn´t like to miss.

Barcelona, the most interesting events (you can find the beginning of the calendar here)

Barcelona events 2017. July

The “Jardines de Pedralbes” festival continues.


Deep Purple Concert

Deep Purple, a legendary British rock band, is coming back on stage and giving a concert within the framework of “Rock Fest Barcelona 2017”. Apart from the well-known and famous hits, the band will present their new single called “Time For Bedlam”, their first work from the upcoming “inFinite” album in favour of which the heavy metal music style establishers are organising their “The Long Goodbye” tour.


Aerosmith concert

Steve Tyler and company are saying goodbye to their fans during their “Aero-Vederci Baby!” tour. One of the most famous and affluent American musical bands which has sold more than 150 million albums all over the world will perform within the framework of “Rock Fest Barcelona 2017”.


 “BBF – Barcelona Beach Festival”

The famous best electronic dance music beach festival will take place in Sant Adrià del Besòs, just 10 km from Barcelona. Two scenes and two enormous dance floors will entertain the lovers of good electronic music. Last year, such stars as David Guetta, Nicky Romero and Brian Cross took part in the festival. The 2017 programme is still to be announced.


Grec Festival

Festival Grec is one of the most important dramatic art festivals in Spain. Its programme contains all the best of the theatre as well as various musical performances and concerts. Festival pays special attention to innovative approaches of the modern authors. Different performances for children, such as a circus and a puppet show, are necessarily included in the programme.


U2 concert

The only U2 concert in Spain, devoted to the 30th anniversary of the band’s “The Joshua Tree” album, will take place in the Olympic Stadium of Barcelona on the 18th of July 2017 as a part of “The Joshua Tree Tour 2017”. The legendary album was the fifth in the discography of the band and became legendary when it topped American as well as other countries’ charts, including the ones from the Great Britain. More than 25 million copies of the album which includes such songs as “With or Without You”, “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” и “Where The Streets Have No Name” was sold making the musicians worldwide famous in an instant.


Castell De Peralada festival

Although this event will take place more than 145 km away from Barcelona (it will take you approximately 1,5 hours to get there), we could not help including it into our programme. Peralada festival (official name: “Internacional de Música Castell de Peralada”) takes place in a Catalan town called Peralada every summer starting from 1987. This year, the festival celebrates its 30th anniversary and presents a great concert programme with symphonic music, opera, jazz, pop music and various theatrical performances.


Barcelona events 2017. August

Festival Grec and Castell De Peralada festivals continue.

“Festa Major de Gràcia” holiday

The holiday of one of the most unique and outstanding districts of Barcelona traditionally takes place during the second part of August. The holiday is characterised by unbelievable decorations on the streets and squares of the district created by the residents, different musical concerts of any style, entertainment and theatrical performances, costumed processions and street expositions. The main holiday of Gracia is celebrated on a grand scale yearly attracting residents of other areas of Barcelona and numerous tourists.


Barcelona events 2017. September

Fiestas de la Mercè holiday

The main holiday of Barcelona yearly takes place during the weekend closest to the 24th of September and is dedicated to the saint Mercedes, the patron saint of the city. The programme of the holiday includes more than 500 events to suit any taste, such as various concerts, theatrical performances, a giant figures parade, fire and light shows and many more. Local citizens and experienced tourists create their own event plan based on the programme which will be published on the official website of the holiday. You can also find colourful brochures of the holiday on the streets of the city.


Events in Barcelona 2017. October

“Salón Naútico Internacional de Barcelona” exhibition

“Salón Naútico Barcelona” is one of the biggest boat exhibitions in Europe where novelties in the area of sailing as well as other related products are presented. “La Fira de Barcelona” will host various seminars and congresses devoted to innovative technologies, traditions, sailing basics, as well as responsible fishing popularization. Port Vell will present the newest motor boats and yachts, the main regattas will have special presentations. In total, more than 100 different events will be organized during the exhibition.


Barcelona events 2017. November

 “Mil·lenni” musical festival

It is one of the most long term European festivals embracing the majority of music styles and genres. The festival programme is designed for three months; concerts take place on different stages of the city.


Barcelona events 2017. December

“Barcelona International Art Fair” exhibition

BIAF modern art exhibition will take place in the Maritime Museum of Barcelona. Works of Spanish and foreign artists, sculptors, photographers, illustrators as well as mixed media art authors will be presented at the exhibition. At the end of the exhibition, the best works will be given a BIAF award.


We would like to tell you about more performances and exhibitions to take place at the second part of 2017, but, unfortunately, the majority of theatres and museums have not still presented their programmes for the autumn/winter season which is why we are happy to offer you some useful links to the websites specializing in announcing cultural events in Barcelona. Here you can find even more interesting events, and, in August/September you can find a more detailed event list for the autumn/winter 2017 period:


You can find the programme for the period from January to March here, and here you can find the April, May and June programme. We hope this calendar results useful for you and we wish you to remember 2017 as an eventful year with many joyful days and successful projects.


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