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Architectural projects and interior design


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Our architectural project department specialises in the design development and execution of different projects ranging from private interior design to extensive residential area construction plans.

Our qualified team of architects and interior designers has a broad experience in carrying out architectural projects and interior design development for:

  • Private villas and townhouses;
  • Business centres;
  • Municipal buildings (libraries, social centres, fitness clubs, etc.);
  • Restaurants;
  • Urban-type settlements;
  • Tourist complexes;
  • City residential areas.

Our project geography includes Barcelona (Spain), the Costa Brava (Spain), the Costa Dorada (Spain), Moscow and the Moscow Region (Russia).

Having worked in such historical cities as Barcelona, we have gained invaluable experience in reconstruction and rehabilitaion of ancient buildings of historical and cultural interest.

We always try to improve our work and become more professional by participating in prestigious international competitions. In 2012, our team won the ARCILAB competition and in 2014 we reached the final of the Residential complex project competition for the South-East District of Moscow.  

Top House Realty offers a full range of building design and construction services as well as project administration. Depending on your preference, we can not only develop architectural project stages all together, but also its particular steps:

  • Analysis of real estate location and its investment prospects;
  • Preliminary design development (conceptual ideas, visualisations, plans to a scale of 1:100);
  • Basic project development  (plans with wall elevation, construction details, structure plans);
  • Executive project development (detailed construction plans, structure calculation, utility line plans, construction estimate);
  • Preparation and creation of all the necessary technical documents;
  • Project state inspection and construction permit licence management.

Most commonly, architectural planning ends in interior design development. However, depending on our client's preferences, we can carry out individual residential or commercial building interior design development separately.

The architecture department of Top House Realty will carry out project and interior design development in a professional and creative way. We will never offer you commonplace options. Our individual original projects will become a reflection of your philosophy and unique character.

As you can see on the images of some of our projects featured on this page, our team is characterised by creating very light and functional buildings with the use of advanced technology. Architectural projects and interior design solutions we offer will significantly increase the investment value of your real estate. 

Another characteristic feature of our architecture and interior design is the environmental friendliness and sustainability of the buildings we create. As far as is known, the tendency towards creating “green” objects has been growing recently. For more detail on this subject, read our article on sustainable buildings: "Sustainable buildings in the focus of attention of European investors".

We offer a complete suite of services at a reasonable competitive price without engaging third parties. We work according to high European Union standards. Top House Realty architecture department experts will consult you on any questions related to architectural projects and interior design development. We will describe difficult technological processes in a simple and understandable way. For more information, please contact us via telephone +(34) 671 898 635 or e-mail robert@tophouserealty.com.

Команда TopHouseRealty

Robert Podjapolskis

Architect. Architecture Department of Polytecnic University of Barcelona graduate. Head of the department.

Команда TopHouseRealty

José Caamaño Viña

Architect. Architecture Department of Polytecnic University of Barcelona graduate